Tuesday, April 14, 2009

New Blog Layout

Well whatcha think?? I think it looks great. I still have some things to add and a couple of other things I have to figure out how to change but all in all I'm happy with it.

Got some more layouts of Ari to post, these were done for a coaster album with Shabby Princess' Modish Girl Piece of Cake Album

I have to start remembering to take pictures of the hybrid stuff I make BEFORE I give it to someone LOL! I added some really great traditional scrap stuff and journaling to them.

Don't have a great day, Make it a Great DAY!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Changing my blog layout (or trying to!)

Ok, I'm going to be brave here and try to add one of Allie Brown's blog layouts to my blog. I've got the ones I want ready to upload to my pic host and I have all the instructions so we'll see how it goes. I still have to figure out how to get blinkies on here in the right place LOL! I'll be back to post some more layouts later.

Don't have a great day, Make it a Great DAY!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Bad Blogger!

Its funny, you see that post title a lot! Well I'm no different than a lot of other bloggers, I just forget about this darn thing and time flies. Everyone is doing well, Aryia is growing like a weed. I got some more great Raks since the last time I posted so I have more LO's to show off. These are from Liz Pike at Strawberry Wine Designs, it's a little badge album I made for Aunt Tina from Liz's "More Tea Please" kit.

Too cute huh? Be back later to post some more. Love ya!

original post 5/30/08
Don't have a great day, Make it a Great DAY!

I got an Rak from MyScrapShop

Woohoo, I have never been RAK'd before. I got a coupon to the shop just for being a member. Pillowgirl is picking random members and Rak'ing them. Too cool huh? MyScrapShop is a brand new site with a forum, gallery, blog and of course a shop. The link is here : www.myscrapshop.com . They have a bunch of commercial use stuff and some really cute kits (my fave is the bedtime kit). They have a ScrapBin (bargain bin) that has some great little deals in there. Just wanted you guys to know I'm not nuts when I tell you the DIgiscrapping community has some great folks in it.

Love ya!

original post 1/16/08
Don't have a great day, Make it a Great DAY!

A New Year

Well here we are in 2008, I hope everyone had a great holiday. I'm going to try to post here more often, but it's not a new years resolution. Everyone is doing fine, Sarah is doing great in her new job. Liz will be going back to school next week from xmas vacation. Mom is working 3 days a week now instead of 2, maybe we can get some more done on her house. I'll try to take some pics of the new cabinets I installed in my next post. Sarah is buying me a good digital camera for xmas and my BDay woo hoo!!!
Here are some more LO's of my little hunnie bunnie.
credits: Kit - Tiffany's Garden by Heather Heinzer, Template - Quick Fix Tuesday by ATownsend
credits: Kit - Tiffany's Garden by Heather Heinzer, Template Andrea Gold #10
credits:Kit - Tiffany's Garden by Heather Heinzer, Template - TSims Spring Fling
credits: Kit - Tiffany's Garden by Heather Heinzer, Template - #24 by VAPT
credits: Kit - Tiffany's Garden by Heather Heinzer, Template - Whitespace (cant find creators TOU)

original post 1/3/08
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Almost vacation time

Aryia and I are flying to California on the 30th to spend a week with Shawn & Michelle. I'm getting excited and really looking forward to this. I have not been on a real vacation since before the girls were born. I'm using the tickets I was given when I received the performance Excellence Award here at work for setting a collection record for the company. I got the goverment to pay over $50 mil to my company for the month of March..... of course there were other reasons why I got the award but that's a big part of it. Everyone is doing good after all the controversy over dad's death, I guess that shows how close we can become in a time of need. Here is a LO of Sarah, there's a great story behind the kit I used and this photo... ask me about it someday.
credits: kit Sara's garden by RaggetyJoanne, template ( am looking for the tou, will repost when I find it)

original post 9/27/07
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Well here we are again

Guess I'm doing good, I have more than one post here. Everyone is doing great, Liz is getting ready to go back to school. I think I'm going to have a fight on my hands with the school, looks like they may be the ones responsible for passing her to a sophomore without an Algebra I credit.
Sarah should be starting here at DI in a few days, they have her offer letter in HR so all she has to do is take the drug test. YAHOO!
I wanted to post another LO of Aryia, I'm really starting to dig this digi scrap stuff (no pun intended). It is so much easier than traditional scrapping and a whole lot less messier. LOL!
This is what we refer to as the "lazy" chair, she props her feet up like this every time we put her in the highchair.
credits: Ava collection by Gypsychick, Template #1 by Kirsten Schreck
Oh by the way, we will probably be walking before the weekend is over 

original post 8/17/07
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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My First Digital Layout

This is one of my first digi LO's, this is Aryia Christine my wonderful granddaughter... isn't she a cutie pie! I'm still pretty new at all this digi stuff but I love it.
This is her Pink Race for the Cure photo, she raised $215.00 and we actually showed up for the race. It snowed so you can imagine how cold it was.
credits princess kit by Rainy, TSims freestyle template
Here are more photos from the race that I haven't scrapped LO's for yet.
This is Benny the Bennigan's bee
Here we are before the race
Dancin til the cows come home???
She really was in there, I swear!
Ronald McDonald was freezin too!
original post 8/8/07
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Welcome to my little corner of the world

I'm creating this blog so that I can post the happenings of my family and layouts of the scrapbook pages I have done. I'm the worst in my family about writing and calling, sending cards and birthday wishes and I hope it doesn't flow over to my blog.