Thursday, April 9, 2009

Almost vacation time

Aryia and I are flying to California on the 30th to spend a week with Shawn & Michelle. I'm getting excited and really looking forward to this. I have not been on a real vacation since before the girls were born. I'm using the tickets I was given when I received the performance Excellence Award here at work for setting a collection record for the company. I got the goverment to pay over $50 mil to my company for the month of March..... of course there were other reasons why I got the award but that's a big part of it. Everyone is doing good after all the controversy over dad's death, I guess that shows how close we can become in a time of need. Here is a LO of Sarah, there's a great story behind the kit I used and this photo... ask me about it someday.
credits: kit Sara's garden by RaggetyJoanne, template ( am looking for the tou, will repost when I find it)

original post 9/27/07
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