Friday, February 1, 2013

Stick Horse Rodeo

Aryia's kindergarten class is having a Stick horse rodeo because they are learning about Texas.
Here is the stick horse I made for her

Hee hee hee didn't it turn out so cute? The conchos on the reins are texas, a coyote, a boot, an arrowhead, and armadillo and a saguaro cactus. The main is just black cardstock cut into a fringe, the strands are black yarn with shiny black plastic pieces to add a little sparkle, the bridle and reins are ribbon, the ears are felt with a velvet pink lining. The conchos are attached with star brads in gold and silver. The zebra is printed on heavy cardstock.

Don't have a great day, Make it a Great DAY! SuziQinTX

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