Friday, July 19, 2013

Organizing My Crafts

Man I am so loving my Silhouette Cameo!
I made some organizers last Saturday to help me keep everything tidy (if you know me well you know this is a great benefit to my ocd) So I wanted to show them off.
All of these files I got from the Silhouette Store and I really love Jamie Lane Designs.

This is a 1" divider box by Jamie Lane Designs (linking you to her blog)

 These are mostly the hand made glimmer mists that Aryia and I made

 These are by Megan Hardy Designs for Ribbon but I resized it for my washi tape

 This is 10 of Jamie Lane Designs' 3D ink holders, assembled and glued together to store all my stamp pads. Love these!

This has cleared space off my craft table so now I can actually sit at it and craft instead of the desk!

Aryia and I will be putting together more of Jamie's stuff this weekend to help organize some of her and Lizzy's stuff.

Don't have a great day, Make it a Great DAY! SuziQinTX

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  1. Your room looks amazing! I love how you are using the organizational boxes!