Sunday, September 25, 2016

The Making of a Wedding

My daughter Tabitha is getting married on November the 6th and my oldest daughter Sarah took over the responsibility of planning her wedding for her.

I was with them when they went to Michael's and watched them plan out flowers and filler for bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres. I then watched them start to tally up how expensive it was going to be and watched as they cut back on a few pieces here and there to reduce the cost. After they were done they decided to try and make the flowers themselves from fabric. It was a little disheartening to watch and listen. (My gears were already turning at this point).

They decided they would get together every Sunday to work on all the things that needed to be made and started planning who, what, when, where, and how. I knew that making the flowers from fabric was going to be a very daunting task so on their first Sunday meet up I decided to offer myself and my Silhouette Cameo up and suggested we do everything from cardstock.

Here is what we have been doing for the last several weeks.

These are the "Save the Dates", I got the idea from Pinterest and a blog called Smitten On Paper

These are the invitations, the cut file came from Jamie Cripps of Jamie Lane Designs in the Silhouette Design Store (I absolutely LOVE her stuff).The pic on the back of the RSVP postcard is the same photo from the Save the Dates that I turned into a rubber stamp using the Silhouette stamp material and hand stamped each one (that was fun!). There are 100 of these beauties.

They are going to have a "Candy Bar" instead of an "Alcohol Bar" and these are the favor boxes (200 of them I might add lol). The cut file is by STUDIOILUSTRADO also from SDS and the rings which we will also be using as confetti on the tables is by Lori Whitlock (she's my Fav too, I have ton's of her stuff) from SDS.

Next are the Maid of Honor/Bridesmaids and Best Man/Groomsmen gift boxes, both cut files by STUDIOILUSTRADO.

These are the gems that are part of the table decorations, the cut file is by Carina Gardner from SDS. There are two large and two small for each table.

And here is what has taken the longest, we started with my design of the stephanotis (and used Jamie Cripps  3D IXORA FLOWER stem (slightly modified).

I rolled all the stems for the roses and the calla lilies (this was a toughie and my fingers and hands were sore for a couple of days).

I taught all the volunteers how to crunch and assemble the 35 roses. This is Jamie Cripps 3D Flower #7

Next up are Jamie's Calla Lilies , these were a bit of a challenge to say the least.

and 40 Calla Lilies later

Here are the finished Groom/Best Man/Groomsmen/Officiant's boutonnieres.

These are part of the Bridesmaids bouquets and Mother's corsages

This is the Maid of Honor's bouquet

And at 1:20 this morning I finished the Bride's bouquet :)

Next project is a white 24 x 24 vinyl guest tree on a re-purposed pallet with 150 leaves for the guests to sign and Tabbie to put together to hang on her wall at home.

Don't have a great day, Make it a Great DAY! SuziQinTX

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