Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Bows, Bows and more Bows

Well Aunt Tabbie came down for the weekend to have a "Girls Night " with Aryia, Liz and Sarah.
 Before she came Aryia had oh about 20-25 bows and now.....

This is her wooden letters that Aunt Tabbie got her, I added long ribbons to the bottom of each letter.

 Here is each letter up close

Lots of pairs for piggy tails

 Here is the last "A" with the frame that she got from KTN Bows

Here is the  bouquet I got her from KTN Bows for Valentine's Day.

 and then we had to add 3 more ribbons to the side of the tall boy

She is now the proud owner of over 100, that's right folks I said over 100 bows! A huge amount of these are from KTN Bows and some were made by Aunt Tabbie herself, love you Tabbie.

Don't have a great day, Make it a Great DAY! SuziQinTX

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