Friday, August 21, 2015

Project Life

Oh my, How come I didn't start this before! I have discovered Project Life Scrapping or Pocket Scapping as some would call it. I have done my first 10 pages and used some of my traditional scrapbooking techniques on them. I will post pics of those as soon as I gift them to who they are for.

In the mean time I can show you the types of things I am using to make them.

This set is by Heidi Swapp, you can visit her store here Heidi Swapp
There are tons of free printables out there and believe me I scoured for them. Most of them are what is called "filler" cards that are used to fill in the extra spaces around your photos and the main card/cards.

There is tons of inspiration for them on Pinterest too!

Becky Higgins created Project Life, you can visit her shop/blog here: Becky Higgins

You take your printed pictures and put them in sleeves like these:

There is a wide variety of pocket syles arranged in different way on the sleeve. Then you fill in the other pockets with the cards and other embellishments if you want so the finished page looks like these.

Amazing right? And one page only takes me a few minutes to complete!
I also joined several buy, sell, trade groups on facebook and I have a pretty good stock of Project Life supplies now so I'm really looking forward to finishing the one I'm working on now and start another.

Don't have a great day, Make it a Great DAY! SuziQinTX

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